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‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sonny Pulls Out A Gun At Morgan’s Funeral-Will Someone Stop Him Before It’s Too Late?

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It’s a sad day on ABC’s General Hospital as the residents of Port Charles are saying a final goodbye to Morgan Corinthos. His funeral begins on Friday and everyone who loved him will be there to remember the good times and to be a support to each other. Viewers have seen just how broken up Sonny is about his son’s death and is leading up to him attempting to take his own life. However, no one expected him to do it in front of everyone at the service.

Sonny blames himself as he was the one who put out the hit on Julian Jerome, and even though it will most likely turn out that it was not his bomb that killed Morgan, it may be too late for the mobster. In the upcoming General Hospital previews, he shocks the mourners by getting up in front of them and confessing to the murder of his son. He then pulls out a gun in an attempt to commit suicide right in front of Morgan’s casket.

You can see a shock wave as the gun is pulled out. Carly is right in front to see this happen, as well as Kristina, Michael, and Molly. Sonny has pretty much said his goodbyes to his loved ones and even though he has been giving small hints that he won’t be around anymore, no one has seemed to figure out exactly what he has planned. He did give a sealed envelope with Carly’s name on it for Nelle to give to her after the funeral was over. She promised to wait, but she could very well break that promise and give it to her earlier.

This whole suicide attempt not only has Port Charles shaken up, but General Hospital fans may not know what to think either. Sonny is a main part of the soap and longtime viewers know the struggles that this mobster goes through with his bipolar and his attempt to always keep his family safe. Now that he believes he is the one who killed Morgan and his family seems to have turned their backs on him, he feels like he has nothing to live for now and wants to pay the ultimate price just like his son did.

However, the previews for Friday’s General Hospital also showed Jason Morgan trying to get some answers from someone about the bomb that was planted in Julian’s car that ended up killing Morgan instead. He is on his way to the funeral but stopped to question someone. Will he find out that Sonny’s bomb was actually called off and someone else was responsible?

Someone will save Sonny from doing what he planned to do. Jason could rush in to save his friend before it’s too late or it could be that Carly reads the note that Nelle gives her during the funeral and saves her husband’s life. Whatever happens at the memorial service, Jax is back and he is there for Carly.

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According to General Hospital spoilers that were posted by Soaps She Knows,Jax will comfort his ex-wife through all of this, as well as Nelle who has been there from the start. As for Sonny Corinthos, he is not expected to complete his plan, but he does have a long road ahead. It looks like he will be taken away in handcuffs, so either he is arrested for the murder of his son or they take him to a cell to protect him from harming himself.

Jason may be working with Curtis to make sure the truth behind the car bomb comes out. So far those two have made a great team, despite the fact that they really don’t like each other. This may just bring Jason closer to Sonny, especially if he figures out who actually planted the car bomb to kill Julian Jerome.

Who do you think will save Sonny from killing himself? Stay tuned to General Hospital to see what happens at Morgan’s funeral.

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‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sonny Pulls Out A Gun At Morgan’s Funeral-Will Someone Stop Him Before It’s Too Late?