Published On: Sat, Nov 5th, 2016

WikiLeaks Latest News: Spirit Cooking, Chelsea Manning Suicide Attempt, Podesta Occult Conspiracy Theories And Julian Assange Interview

WikiLeaks conspiracy theory: Is Hillary Clinton a Satanist?

While Beyonce and Jay Z were giving away free concerts for Hillary Clinton, conspiracy theorists were cooking up the next bombshell: spirit cooking with Marina Abromovic. WikiLeaks created a firestorm with their latest news tweet linking Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign chairman John Podesta to a bizarre, Satanic ritual called spirit cooking. The whistleblower organization also shared posts on social media about Chelsea Manning who has been in solitary confinement after a July suicide attempt and stated she has attempted suicide a second time, in October. The latest conspiracy theories come after many grew worried about Julian Assange’s well-being and weren’t satisfied that he was alive, safe and well until he granted several interviews.

It didn’t take long for conspiracy theorist Alex Jones to take hold of the Podesta, occult conspiracy and link Hillary Clinton, along with pals Beyonce, Jay Z and even Lady Gaga, to the blood-drenched occult ritual. Info Wars immediately released an expose with videos showing Beyonce, Jay Z and Lady Gaga attending ceremonies with Marina Abromovic. You may see those videos below. One of the Podesta emails showed Marina Abromovic being invited to Hillary Clinton’s campaign launch.

(warning, you might find some of these images disturbing)

This isn’t the first time conspiracy theorists have accused Hillary Clinton of participating in disturbing acts and rituals. This may be; however, the first time confirmation was presented in the form of emails. Are the WikiLeaks emails authentic? Is this all part of a covert, Russian operation to take down Hillary Clinton and make certain Donald Trump is elected? Are Jay Z and Beyonce simply Democrats who want to see Clinton elected, or are they part of a bizarre, Satanic cult? Is Hillary Clinton a Satanist?

Not only did WikiLeaks tweet about spirit cooking but they are sharing stories on their official WikiLeaks Party, Facebook page. A comment states that they shared the Podesta, spirit cooking email but it disappeared.

The Washington Times followed the tweet with an article regarding the invitation and a link to the Podesta spirit dinner email on the WikiLeaks site. According to the email, Podesta was invited to a spirit dinner at the request of his brother.

Snopes wasted no time debunking the story, but the folks over at Reddit’s conspiracy thread have had issues with Snopes since the election began. Many people who believe the conspiracies, now have a conspiracy theory against Snopes.

The Internet exploded with many accusing Marina Abromovic of being a Satanist. She even responded to the frenzy on her Twitter account. Others pointed out that she uses the numbers 666 in her Twitter name, yet denied being a Satanist. Is Marina Abromovic a Satanist hiding behind art? Is she an artist exploring Satanic themes? Is she a combination of both? According to Alex Jones, she is undoubtedly a Satanist. What do you think?

In other WikiLeaks news, the latest tweets include two regarding Chelsea Manning. One is from the NY Times. The other report is from Global News.

Born Bradley Manning, Chelsea Manning is a trans woman who was convicted in July 2013 for espionage. Manning served as a private in the U.S. Army and leaked classified documents to WikiLeaks. She is serving 35-years in prison. Manning has been the subject of great controversy as many feel whistleblowers should be protected and not punished.

Others are concerned for Manning’s health and well-being after being diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder. Manning was sentenced to solitary confinement following the July 28, 2016, suicide attempt. The first night of solitary confinement, on Oct. 4, 2016, Manning attempted suicide a second time. Many have stated that it is cruel and unusual punishment to sentence someone to solitary confinement for suicide attempts.

Julian Assange granted an interview with John Pilger of Dartmouth Films. The full interview will be released on Saturday, but you may see a preview below.

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WikiLeaks Latest News: Spirit Cooking, Chelsea Manning Suicide Attempt, Podesta Occult Conspiracy Theories And Julian Assange Interview